Top 5 Gouda Cheeses

Top 5 Gouda of 2022

1. Naturally Smoked Dutch Gouda Cheese

This is a very special smoked cheese. Unlike some other smoked cheeses, our Naturally Smoked Dutch Gouda is not a processed cheese with an artificial smoked flavor added to the rind. Rather, it is a natural cheese with a very creamy and characteristic smoke flavor from cold smoking over real oakwood chips. No artificial ingredients, flavoring or processing are used! It is a creamy, smooth, mellow and lightly smoky cheese that slices well and melts beautifully. Ideal for melting on barbecued steaks or burgers, it also complements meats and cold cuts very well, especially when served with mustard.

2. Dutch Tradition Gouda Cheese 

Dutch Tradition Gouda Cheese 

Dutch Tradition Gouda Cheese Wedge is nothing like smoked gouda. Its caramelized, savory flavor is sort of reminiscent of parmesan. Prepare to eat the entire block in no time.

3. Marieke Aged Gouda

Marieke Aged Gouda

Can you tell this cheese isn’t from The Netherlands? Probably not, because the Penterman family has a dairy background in The Netherlands and in fact they came to Wisconsin because the land is still plentiful. Their recent Gouda making education in Holland shows they studied hard. Since being introduced in 2006, they Goudas have been winning US competitions. They are in the midst of transitioning from pasteurized to raw milk with a herd of 720 Holstein cows (all rBGH-free) providing the freshest milk, directly from their milkings to the vat for cheesemaking. This one is aged for nine months and is just as sweet, nutty and firm as its Dutch counterpart.

4. Young Goat Gouda

This Gouda will surprise friends and please even the pickiest cheese eater. This young goat’s milk gouda is a semi-firm wheel of mild, vaguely sweet, and refreshingly straightforward cheese. This is not the chalky, distinctly goaty chevre that most people associate goat’s milk with – instead, it hints at notes of butterscotch and caramel with only the mildest tanginess. The paste remains supple after approximately four months of aging, and can be easily melted over pies or crisps for an unusual dessert. This Dutch pale beauty prefers a malty Amber Ale or a buttery Chardonnay, or even with a dab of tart sour cherry preserves.

5. Dutch Gouda Cheese From Holland

Gouda is a Dutch cheese that belongs to the uncooked pressed cheeses type. It is probably the most popular cheese in the Netherlands, along with Edam. This dairy product is made from pasteurized, skimmed whole cow’s milk. We recognize it thanks to the distinctive orange color of its rind, although other types of Gouda exist. Indeed, we can find this cheese with a white rind, a yellow rind and even a red rind. You didn’t know that, did you?