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Craft 1.1.1 Nulled – Bootstrap 5 Admin Dashboard Template

Craft, developed by the esteemed KeenThemes team, is an astoundingly detailed and intuitive Bootstrap 5 Admin Dashboard Template that stands as a testament to their market knowledge. It’s designed to optimize your administrative tasks, thus allowing you to concentrate on broader aspects of your business.

Craft – Bootstrap 5 Admin Dashboard Template Nulled offers an engaging user experience that seamlessly transitions between Light and Dark modes. Constructed with core Javascript and free of jQuery dependencies, it presents a modern take on administrative dashboards. Among its numerous features, you’ll find over 100 finely crafted pages, 5 pre-built applications, 12 advanced modals, and 30+ tailored third-party plugins.


Pages and Pre-built Apps

Craft comes with an astounding 130+ pages and apps. It boasts versatile dashboards, including a Multipurpose Dashboard, Store Analytics Dashboard with sales reports and conversion rates, a Logistics Dashboard tracking cargo and shipments, and a Projects Dashboard with stats, budgets, and client lists.

Additionally, Craft presents various profile and account pages, encompassing overview, projects, campaigns, documents, followers, activity, settings, billing, orders, security, referrals, and API keys.

The Authentication section includes 17 pages with Sign In, Multi-step, and Free Trial Sign Ups among others.

Business Pages encompass 10 pages including Social, Career, About, Pricing, FAQ, Contact Us, and Licenses.

Furthermore, Craft is abundant in pre-built apps catering to numerous use cases such as project management, eCommerce, contacts management, support centers, user management, customer relationship management, file management, calendars, chats, and inbox.

Advanced Modals and Wizards

Craft offers 17 pre-built modals including Invite Friends, New Card, Create API Key, and Create Project Wizard. The 7 available wizards are extensive and business-ready.

Visuals and Icons

With Craft Template, aesthetics and functionality go hand in hand. It boasts 100+ Exclusive Vector Characters, and 400+ Exclusive Duotone Icons to make your dashboard engaging.


Craft supports over 30 highly customized third-party plugins including Select2, Datatables, Flatpickr, Sweetalert2, Toastr, Inputmask, Dropzone, Daterangepicker, Tagify, FormValidation, Autosize, Clipboard, Form Repeater, noUiSlider, Google Recaptcha, TinyMCE, CKEditor, Quil, Apexchart, ChartJS, CountUp, Cropper, Draggable, Fullscreen Lightbox, jKanban, jsTree, Smooth Scroll, Tiny Slider, Typed.js, Vis-timeline, Bootstrap Icons, Font Awesome, and Line Awesome.

In-House Made Unique Plugins

Craft Template includes 50+ in-house made unique plugins like KT-Menu, KT-Drawer, KT-Scroll, KT-Sticky, KT-Stepper, KT-Block-UI, KT-Dialer, KT-Event-Handler, KT-Image-Input, KT-Password-Meter, KT-Scrolltop, KT-Search, KT-Swapper, KT-Toggle, KT-Util, KT-Cookie and more. These plugins are designed to offer superior control and customization.

Layout and Build Tools

Craft’s layout is highly responsive and adaptive to all device types. The layout builder lets you configure the page, header, aside, footer settings, and visuals with real-time previews. It features a Zero JS Layout which initializes the layout through HTML data attributes without JS.

For build tools, it supports NPM, Yarn, Gulp, Webpack, and SASS.

Documentation and Support

Craft is backed by comprehensive documentation that includes quick guides with previews and code examples. There are functional examples with reusable code, so no design skills are required. Also, you’ll get access to dedicated support by the core team at the Devs Forum.


Craft has an active development roadmap, with ongoing efforts for new dashboards and exclusive vectors. Upcoming features include Typescript core components, Inbox App, eCommerce App, New Crafted Pages, and 3rd Party Plugins.

Craft Admin Template Download

Craft – Bootstrap 5 Admin Dashboard Template Free Download is a monumental offering by KeenThemes. It’s not just a template; it’s an extensive suite of tools, plugins, and layouts to streamline and enhance your admin dashboard experience. With a plethora of features, including multiple pages, pre-built apps, advanced modals, an arsenal of plugins, and high-quality visuals, Craft is well-equipped to meet and exceed the diverse needs of modern-day web administration. Whether you are a developer, a business owner, or an admin manager, Craft is designed to empower you with efficiency and elegance.

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