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FOX – Currency Switcher Professional for WooCommerce Nulled (WOOCS) is a WooCommerce multi currency switcher plugin that allows your site visitors to switch product prices currencies in real time based on shop admin preferences and pay in the currency of their choice (optionally). FOX allows you to add any currency to your WooCommerce store, including cryptocurrency and non-existent currencies! Ideal for creating a powerful WooCommerce store site with multiple currencies!

FOX is a powerful and user-friendly plugin that provides a seamless shopping experience for customers, enabling them to choose from a range of currencies while shopping. This plugin makes it easy for online store owners to manage their store’s multiple currencies, allowing them to expand their customer base and increase sales.


FOX Plugin Features

Some features of FOX plugin:

Control checkout by currency

The store manager can decide whether the buyer will pay in the currency of his choice or in the store’s base currency (optionally, if shop admin desire).

Manage fixed prices, currency rules, and monetary amounts

The store manager can set fixed product prices for each currency that are not affected by exchange rates.

GeoIP rules are used to manage checkout

Similarly to Prices Based on Country, the store manager can decide whether the buyer can pay in the currency of the country in which he (the buyer) resides.

Manage prices according to User Role

Product prices can be set by the store manager based on the user’s role. Useful in stores with a gradation of users based on the hierarchy.

Manage payment policies

Each currency’s store manager can configure its own payment method.

Smart Designer on board
You can use interactive designer to create a currency switcher drop-down that matches the design of your store. Smart Currency Switcher for WooCommerce

Rates auto-update
The store manager decides whether to update the exchange rates and, if so, how frequently.

Set custom money signs

The store manager can enter a variety of currency symbols that do not exist in reality, such as a gaming store’s currency.

Individual GeoIP rules for each product

Each product can have its own currency rules set by the store manager.

Statistic by currencies switching and orders

FOX provides a tool for analyzing which currencies clients use; statistics include both switched and order currencies.

Set custom price formats

The order of the elements of the product’s price is controlled by the plugin’s special syntax in its settings.

Compatible with caching plugins

It is now possible to display the current currency on the store’s cached pages by activating a special option.

Ready for use on mobile devices

On mobile devices, the currency switcher works flawlessly.

Work fast with fewer queries to DataBase

FOX makes one database request to recalculate product prices based on the currency selected.


FOX has a robust API to help stores achieve their individual business objectives.

FOX  Currency Switcher Professional for WooCommerce Download

The FOX Currency Switcher Professional for WooCommerce is an excellent choice for online store owners looking for a comprehensive currency switcher plugin for their WooCommerce store. With features like auto-update exchange rates, customizable exchange rates, and advanced features like currency exchange rate history, this plugin provides a seamless shopping experience for customers and makes it easy for store owners to manage multiple currencies. If you’re looking for a reliable and user-friendly currency switcher plugin for your online store, then the FOX plugin is an excellent option.


Version – 20 October, 2023 Latest Update

  • small fixes

Version – 02nd October, 2023

  • 1 fix for HPOS class WoocsHpos

Version – 28th September, 2023

  • some fixes got from customer support

Version – 22th August, 2023

  • 1 javascript fix active-filters-wrapper-frontend.js

Version 2.4.1 – 21th August, 2023


Version 2.4.0 – 10th February, 2023

  • heap of little fixes
  • new storage type ‘FOX Session’
  • new function convert_from_to_currency which allows to convert money amount from one currency to another one

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