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Tripp 1.2.1 Nulled – Travel Blog & Magazine WordPress Theme

Tripp WordPress theme nulled is ideal for any travel blogger who wants to share their adventures and experiences with the rest of the world.

The theme includes a slew of tools and features designed to help you share your travel stories and inspire others to travel the world.

Tripp Theme Features

One Click Demo Import

All demos are included; with a single click, you can have your entire website installed and looking exactly like the demo site. You can import the Theme Presets without affecting your existing content.

Promo Codes and Deals

To make money with travel affiliate programs, add and display promotional offers, coupons, promo codes, and deals. This feature also supports the JSON-LD schema.

Reviews and Ratings

Add reviews and ratings into your posts using rich snippets. To rate and score anything, use stars, points, or a percentage rating.

Vertical Videos Support

Supports horizontal and vertical videos, as well as YouTube Shorts. Vertical videos are becoming more popular, and they are designed to be viewed on mobile devices.

Schema Structured Data

Generates JSON-LD structured data markup for your post and page to help Google Search in understanding your site’s content and displaying it in Google rich results.

Multi-Author Support and Advanced Authors

Adds personalized author features to the default WordPress author entity. Authors can be followed to see their projects and posts in your feed.

  • Cover Image
  • Social Account Links
  • Author Location
  • Followers and Following
  • Author Blocks and Widgets
  • Author Bio Box

Increased audience interaction with authors will encourage readers to continue reading their posts.

You can also assign multiple authors to a post. You can add a Guest author without registering for a WordPress account.

Support for Dark Mode

Color scheme preferences in the visitor’s operating system or browser are automatically detected. They can change the color scheme by clicking the dark mode toggle button in the navigation menu.

Single Page Application

Instead of loading entire new pages from a server, it interacts with the user by dynamically rewriting the current page. The content will appear seamlessly and almost instantly, making your website feel more like a native app.

Full-screen and centered menus

Three distinct navigation menu styles are available, each with customizable menu buttons and menu widgets.

Multiple Header Types

Tripp includes multiple header layouts with a variety of background options. Authors can also configure their cover images to appear as a header background on their author page, see an Author Page.

Multiple Featured Media Formats

Show post thumbnails in a variety of formats and styles, including video, audio, slider, and image rollover. When the video is in viewport or a user hovers over it, it will play automatically. This feature works with YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, and HTML5 media files (for example, MP4).

Featured Sliders

Display your featured posts in a variety of ways. You can use advanced filters to display only certain items.

Social Integrations

Allow visitors to share and like your content on social media. You can also include social media links on your website to make it easier for visitors to find and follow you on social media.

WordPress Block Editor

WordPress Block Editor, a drag-and-drop content editor, is fully compatible. Tripp also includes unique blocks and custom block patterns.

Animations and Inline Formats

Insert animated rotating words into any selection of text to draw the attention of your visitors and make your content more interactive.

Custom Fonts

Use custom fonts to improve the look of your website. Select any font from Google Fonts, Adobe Fonts, or upload your own. This feature can also be used to self-host Google Fonts on your server.

Adaptive Images

Serves different image sizes depending on the viewer’s device. This contributes to faster download times on mobile devices.

Built-in Galleries

It includes the Parallax Carousel and the Waterfall Gallery blocks. A gallery can be easily inserted into your projects, posts, and pages.

Retina Ready

Retina-ready graphics are served on a Retina display, ensuring that your images look crisp and beautiful on any device.

Live Search Results

While typing a keyword, it displays instant search results. You can display specific post types and fields.

Modular Design

The theme’s features and components are completely customizable and can be enabled or disabled with a single click.

Simple Customization

Use the native WordPress Customizer to configure all theme options. It is very simple to customize your site and preview your changes in real time.

Developer Friendly

Includes actions and filters that allow you to modify the theme without editing any template files directly by hooking into theme functions from a child theme.

Tripp WordPress Theme Download

Ideal for any travel blogger who wants to share their experiences and adventures with the world. Tripp – Travel Blog & Magazine WordPress Theme Free Download includes a variety of tools and features that will enable you to share your travel experiences with others and encourage them to see the world.


Version 1.2.1 (September 11, 2023)

-Update: Flextension plugin v1.3.1.
-Update: Tripp XT plugin v1.1.1.
-Fix: An issue with number of likes.
-Fix: An appearance issue with Posts block 2 columns.
-Fix: An appearance issue with footer menu and social icons.

Version 1.2.0 (September 2, 2023)

-Update: Flextension plugin v1.3.0.
-Update: Tripp XT plugin v1.1.0.
-Update: Increase the Autoplay delay for the Post Carousel block.
-Update: Social icons; Patreon, Threads, and X (Twitter).
-Update: Order authors by the given authors when choosing specific authors in the Authors block.
-Update: Increase the maximum width of the logo.
-Add: Default post layout option under Customize -> Blog -> Single Post.
-Add: An option to enable unique visitors for the Post Views module.
-Add: An option to allow editing the number of views for the Post Views module.
-Add: An option to allow editing the number of likes for the Post Likes module.
-Add: A Speed option for the Post Carousel block.
-Add: An option to change the color for cards and surfaces under Customize -> Colors.
-Fix: An appearance issue with post likes and share buttons in the Posts block.
-Fix: An issue with Twitter block when using Single Page.
-Fix: A PHP warning about the duotone in WordPress 6.3.
-Fix: An issue with editor's background color when choosing custom background color for the site.

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